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ccDotmeter is a market leader in the production of quality control devices for the printing industry. The company uses Centurfax created software within dotmeter products that have been developed to measure dots on printing plates.

The latest in a long line of successful products, microDot, is recommended by leading computer-to-plate equipment suppliers and industry consultants throughout the world to examine and confirm the quality of image that has been created on a printing plate.

Only correct, accurate images can produce great printing.

ccDotmeter: What’s important gets measured!

If you would like more information on ccDotmeter products or services email the team at: sales@ccdotmeter.com or for help with an existing product: support@ccdotmeter.com.

easyDot dotmeter  Watch easyDot video

New! A digital microscope incorporating Centurfax dotmeter software combined with an app for Android devices. Capable of providing the % dot value and image view.


A single unit, hand-held highly portable device that is able to measure tonal areas of printing plates and provide instant feedback with immediate on-screen readings

microDot@42 dotmeter

High-resolution microDot production control for full and complete % dot and plate analysis (order this unit for use with Hybrid Screening).

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Of all the process control devices needed by printers I feel the plate dot reader to be one of the most important, least appreciated and inexpensive instruments.
Paul Sherfield, Colour Consultant, The Missing Horse Consultancy
The microDot gives us fast and accurate feedback when our engineers are out in the field installing equipment or preparing customers for our printing plates.
Sean Lane, Product Manager, Offset Solutions, Fujifilm UK
Amsky Technology recommends the Centurfax microDot as an added value product to their economic thermal and UV CtP product range. The software analysis tools that are provided with the Centurfax microDot enable fast and simple calibration of the plate, ensuring the very best quality plates from computer-to-plate installations.
Wim Plaggenburg, Business Development, Amsky Europe
The digital microscope supplied with Centurfax software is a great tool for checking printed sheets for defects. Much better than a loupe.
Paul Sherfield, Colour Consultant, The Missing Horse Consultancy
By investing a few hundred pounds in a microDot printers can save themselves a lot of expensive wasted time, spoilt print that goes in the bin, and annoyed customers. It’s a no brainer!
Sean Lane, Product Manager, Offset Solutions, Fujifilm UK
The products of ccDotmeter are great tools with which to measure plates, and necessary for measuring plates before and after TVI curves have been applied when printing the ISO12647 standards.
Paul Sherfield, Colour Consultant, The Missing Horse Consultancy
I have known Paul Foster for over 25 years since he first visited The Hindu to talk about expanding our Monotype Lasercomp imagesetting system. He has always been very knowledgeable about the products he has promoted. Above all, Paul is reliable, honest and trustworthy and an excellent person with whom to conduct business.
K. Balaji, Hindu newspaper in Chennai, India