UK technology company ccDotmeter has detailed a highly successful debut appearance at the China Print exhibition, which saw the company sell all ten pieces of equipment that they had on the stand, as well as taking a number of significant orders for the company’s unique measuring equipment. The show took place from May 14 to 18, at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Unofficial reports suggest that day one of the show welcomed over 64,000 visitors.

ccDotmeter used the show to release easyDot, the latest in its Centurfax line of dotmeter products. easyDot utilises popular off-the-shelf tablet technology to interface to a standard microDot microscope reader. The easy-to-read statistical data fed back from the tablet provides a highly accurate measure for checking a printable image on a litho plate.

Feedback via the easyDot Android tablet interface provides fast, accurate details of the dot percentage which in-turn enables efficient calibration of the output engine, whether that be a computer-to-plate device or a computer-to-film solution.

Commenting on the success of China Print 2013, Bob Leslie, managing director of ccDotmeter, said: “We were more than delighted with the way that the show went for us. I can honestly say that Paul Foster and I never stopped, and the vast majority of dems and discussions were with real prospects. It sometimes felt like “Open all Hours” – the till never stopped ringing! It is fair to stay that I have not been to a show as busy as that for a long-time.

“It was interesting to note that good old fashioned networking still works even in these distant territories. Paul and I were eating in a local, quiet bar one evening when we struck up a conversation with the next table. They turned out to be Ex-Crosfield engineers and ex-Centurfax scanner interface dealers. They visited us at the show the next day and purchased a unit. They also want to be a dealer.”

With regard to the reception of the products, Paul Foster, Sales Director for ccDotmeter, said: “It was fantastic to have so many visitors interested in seeing our dotmeter products in action, and understanding the benefits of the unit. We were run off our feet, and actually didn’t have time to visit as many other companies at the show as we had hoped for. It was certainly well worth the cost and the effort involved in getting to China, and we must thank Picon for their efforts in helping to make the whole thing happen for us.

“Perhaps the only disappointment: not as many UK companies exhibiting as we would have expected. Go East and prosper – that’s our message. We now have plenty of work to keep us busy in the next few months. The true success of the event will be known in 12 months time, but everything is looking extremely positive.”

Viewing your Print in Detail: microDot / easyDot

microDot is a combination of software developed by Centurfax – the originators of the dotmeter with the CCDot product – and a powerful, standard, digital microscope. This latest software – easyDot – creates an easy-to-use tablet interface for a microDot microscope.

The microDot device can connect to a PC via a USB connection for instant analysis of the percentage dot and image. The easy to install PC software can calculate screen ruling, percentage dot values and screen angles. The device and software are suitable for measuring dots on film, plate or printed paper.

The measuring unit is highly portable and lightweight. Users simply link to their PC when they want to download the images that they have gathered. Image dots of less than 10 micron are perfectly readable by microDot meaning that the unit is ideal for all types of screening, including FM, hybrid and AM. The device can be set up to read multiple colour plates.

Once an image has been downloaded to a PC it can be measured for percentage dot size, screen ruling and screen angle. Images can, of course, be stored on the PC for future reference, or for e-mailing to support personnel and suppliers.

The original Centurfax CCDot dotmeter product sold over 16,000 devices worldwide.