Printers involved in the creation of security-focused items, including anti-counterfeiting packaging products, have been seeking a “printer friendly” viewing tool capable of showing both IR and UV artifacts for many years. ccDotmeter was delighted to use Ipex 2014 to debut a device that will become an essential tool for printers involved in UV and IR production – the digiLoupe proView 403.

A visit to ccDotmeter, stand N3-C302/2, part of the PICON exhibit, helped printers to see just what they have been missing when printing UV and IR based work!

Commenting on the introduction of the new tool, Paul Foster, Sales Director of ccDotmeter, said: “For printers involved in the production of UV and IR security-focused print there have been very few QC tools available. Yes, there are a few extremely expensive, and extremely large devices – but the printer wants something small and portable that gives him fast, accurate images that he can see: a device that he can keep near the press.”

The hand-held digiLoupe proView 403 incorporates a triple illumination system that allows the user to view standard print, IR inks, or UV inks. “Potential users are not limited to the printer on the press of course,” added Paul Foster. “The print buyer has also been crying out for a device that will offer this capability, and the sales teams of security printers will see immediate benefits.”

Initial discussions regarding the product have already led to orders being placed by a well-known UK-based security printer.

ccDotmeter – a UK based technology company – is delighted to be at the vanguard of a technology that will give both the printers and print specifiers involved in anti-counterfeiting production a huge range of benefits.

“Every printer producing advanced levels of security print needs to see this product in action,” urges Bob Leslie, Managing Director of ccDotmeter. “Anti-counterfeiting solutions for printed products have come a long way in recent years. We firmly believe that the release of digiLoupe proView 403 will advance this science even further.”

The digiLoupe proView 403 product consists of a 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen able to display images from 10 x through to 40 x magnification. A standard USB plug allows for the simple export of 1600 x 1200 pixel JPEG images, meaning that pictures of print issues or artefacts can be taken and exported for subsequent e-mailing to colleagues or suppliers. Two images – one stored and one live – can also be compared on screen for comparative purposes. An internal lighting capability ensures standard viewing conditions for all prints.

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