ccDotmeter, the UK technology company and dotmeter specialist, has confirmed that it will use Ipex 2014 to provide the worldwide show debut of its latest low-cost quality control introduction, pressDot. The single unit, hand-held highly portable device is able to measure tonal areas of printing plates and provide instant feedback with immediate on-screen readings.

pressDot is the result of the dotmeter experts at ccDotmeter listening to customer feedback, said Paul Foster, Sales Director for the UK technology company: “Customers liked the cost-effectiveness of our recent quality control range, which utilises off-the-shelf microscope hardware, but wanted the convenience of an on-screen reading rather than having to download images to a PC or Android device to get detailed results. The introduction of pressDot is sure to be of great interest to customers worldwide.”

The software added to the Taiwanese produced hardware has been created by the same team that created the award winning, UK-built Centurfax product, ccDot. The pressDot device is able to check for consistency of image output before the printer commits to the print run, whether that is in the form of a printing plate or film. The device is an essential tool in allowing users to calibrate their output device: an essential step for consistent print production.

“Now more than ever printers need to monitor quality of production very closely, and avoid costly production errors. A dotmeter is the most effective way to guard against costly mistakes,” said Paul Foster. “For far too long the “printers eye” has been the quality control tool of choice for far too many printers: there is no such thing as a consistent “printers eye”! One simple, but costly, mistake is all it takes to cover the cost of one of these devices. This simple, easy-to-use, low-cost investment really is a “no-brainer” for any company serious about creating good quality print!”

pressDot is suitable for measuring dots from 6 microns in size, making the unit perfect for all types of screening technology, including FM, hybrid, and AM variants. The built-in viewing screen allows for easy, instant targeting of a specific area, including instant viewing of the results.

In addition to interfacing with the sophisticated UK-built software to interrogate a screened area of print, pressDot doubles as a digital loupe to allow printers to gain a detailed view of their print – a far more detailed image than would be possible using the old favourite, ink-stained metal or plastic loupe.

“Using the microscope as a standard viewing tool will also be a great benefit for the modern printer. The standard printers loupe, which you can find on any shopfloor, has had its day! Today’s print needs more detailed inspection than that, and our “digiLoupe” provides just that.”

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