Printers at Ipex 2014 are being encouraged to bring themselves into the twenty-first century by examining their printing through digiLoupe, a range of electronic magnification tools that can provide up to 40 x magnification of images, as well as the ability to photograph the results.

A visit to ccDotmeter, stand N3-C302/2, part of the PICON exhibit, will help printers to see just what they have been missing!

Skilled print operators in all corners of the world are still using terribly antiquated tools to check the quality of the print that they are producing. The old style loupe, typically a metal or plastic construction offering just 8 x or 10 x magnification, just isn’t suited to modern print. Not only is it inaccurate, with a very small portion of the printed item actually in focus to the average user! It is usually also smeared in ink and other press chemistry, and certainly has no ability to record what it is being viewed in order to discuss a printing issue with colleagues or suppliers.

ccDotmeter – a UK based technology company – is delighted to be at the vanguard of the technology that will allow printers to see the real detail of what is being printed, meaning that printers can once again take a proper focus on print quality.

“Every printer in every country of the world uses a old-fashioned metal or plastic and glass loupe to view the detail of his work,” suggests Bob Leslie, Managing Director of ccDotmeter. “In the modern world of ever tighter registration issues, and very fine line work, the accurate viewing of this more detailed printing is an essential requirement. In these days of tight profit margins re-print costs have to be avoided. Examination of the finer elements of the job needs to be done and needs to be done with 100% accuracy. In short, every printer needs a digiLoupe to help create the very best printed work.

“Proud printers strive for perfection: the current equipment for viewing ultra-fine registration simply isn’t up to the job. In the world of packaging, anti-counterfeit measures alone should demand the use of a digiLoupe,” added Mr Leslie.

The digiLoupe product consists of a 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen able to display images from 10 x through to 40 x magnification. A standard USB plug allows for the simple export of 1600 x 1200 pixel JPEG images, meaning that pictures of print issues or artefacts can be taken and exported for subsequent e-mailing to colleagues or suppliers. Two images – one stored and one live – can also be compared on screen for comparative purposes. An internal lighting capability ensures standard viewing conditions for all prints.

Paul Foster, Sales Director for ccDotmeter, adds: “The ability of the unit to photograph print issues is surely sufficient reason for printers to request such a unit be available to them at all times. With files being provided by the customer almost 100% of the time these days, fit and accuracy of separations can be out of the jurisdiction of the printer. By taking snap shots of questionable fit issues it is relatively easy to send a picture back to the customer to raise any questions regarding registration.”

Prices start at just £79, surely making digiLoupe the most cost effective investment that a print business can make this year. Units can be ordered on-line with a simple credit card purchase.

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