Trade print and business card printing specialist Ivor Solution, London, has announced the purchase of a new microDot dotmeter from ccDotmeter, the company owned by Centurfax, the UK technology company and dotmeter specialists.

Ivor Solution has been a long-time fan of Centurfax quality control instruments, having purchased a ccDot tool from the company some thirteen years ago. “We are working through our applications for both ISO9000 and 14001,” explained Nikki Brin, Sales and Account Manager at Ivor Solution. “In order to comply with British Standards we needed to have some official confirmation that the ccDot was still reading accurately. Having an instrument to check the quality of our printing plates is great, but only if the instrument is accurate in the first place. In short, due to the age of the ccDot it was more effective to replace the unit with a new microDot instrument!”

Ivor Solution considers itself to be the best trade supplier for template print production and small orders, particularly in printed stationery and on-demand marketing materials. 95% of orders are completed within 48 hours. The company’s hybrid business model is unique, combining “best-in-class” web-to-print with specialist production and fulfilment, providing an all-round incredible service. Nikki explained further: “We are not a “one size fits all” print supplier. Our customers are trade buyers and need the best supplier for a particular job.”

Commenting on behalf of ccDotmeter, Paul Foster, Sales Director, said: “The ccDot at Ivor Solution hit its 13th birthday early in August, but owing to the difficultly in obtaining certification for something of this age, it was more cost effective all round for the customer to install the new microDot. This is even more efficient and effective than the previous unit and has already helped the customer to confirm the accuracy of its system prior to the production of one highly colour critical job.

“Whilst dotmeters might not be viewed by some printers as an essential piece of kit in this day and age when CtP units and the plates themselves are far more reliable and consistent, companies such as Ivor Solution still recognise these units as being a highly effective investment. It only takes one small error to creep into this complex process that we call printing to produce an incorrect colour, equalling a job that the customer rejects, which can easily turn into a customer that starts to look elsewhere for his next large print run. An investment of just a few hundred pounds can pay for itself in weeks.”

Further details on Ivor Solution can be found at the web site, or by calling the company on 0207 566 5070.

Viewing your Print in Detail: microDot
microDot is a combination of software developed by Centurfax – the originators of the dotmeter with the ccDot product – and a powerful, standard, digital microscope.

The microDot device can connect to a PC via a USB connection for instant analysis of the percentage dot and image. The easy to install PC software can calculate screen ruling, percentage dot values and screen angles. The device and software are suitable for measuring dots on film, plate or printed paper.

The measuring unit is highly portable and lightweight. Users simply link to their PC when they want to download the images that they have gathered. Image dots of less than 10 micron are perfectly readable by microDot meaning that the unit is ideal for all types of screening, including FM, hybrid and AM. The device can be set up to read multiple colour plates.

Once an image has been downloaded to a PC it can be measured for percentage dot size, screen ruling and screen angle. Images can, of course, be stored on the PC for future reference, or for e-mailing to support personnel and suppliers.

As an alternative viewing solution, ccDotmeter also provides easyDot – a combination of microDot and software for viewing scanned results on a standard tablet device.

The original Centurfax ccDot dotmeter product sold over 16,000 devices worldwide.

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For more information on ccDotmeter products contact:
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Centurfax Customised Dotmeters Ltd (ccDotmeter) is a company registered in the UK; and is a provider of quality control products to the printing and publishing industry. The company was formed from a partnership of Ripware and Centurfax, both companies who have a long and established reputation of developing and maintaining quality control instruments. Centurfax were the original developers of CCDot – the original and highly successful dotmeter for the printing industry.