Leading digital-imaging press and computer-to-plate equipment supplier Presstek Europe Ltd, West Drayton, has detailed the purchase of three Centurfax microDot quality control instruments in order that its service team can confirm the quality of plate creation during installation and on-going customer support visits.

The dotmeter units were purchased from quality control specialist company Ripware. Paul Foster, Managing Director of Ripware, commenting about the recent order from Presstek, said: “We are delighted to add Presstek to the list of equipment suppliers that utilise our quality control tools to help ensure customer satisfaction with their products. Every plate creation solution needs to be calibrated to the printing press in order to provide accurate images for reproduction. Dotmeter products such as the microDot are invaluable to computer-to-plate support personnel. They save a great deal of time and provide for a known standard in evaluating plate image quality.”

The Centurfax microDot product was launched to the world at IPEX 2010 and has since shipped in significant numbers due to its highly compact, portable size and very affordable price tag. The microDot dotmeter provides accurate magnified views of dot structures on printing plate and film. The detailed measurements displayed via a PC allow for accurate calibration of platesetters and imagesetters – a critical area with regard to quality control in the printing process.

Simon Knights, Pre-Press Program Manager at Presstek Europe, said: “Being able to analyse the image on the plate in fine detail is invaluable to our support team. The software analysis tools that are provided with the Centurfax microDot enable fast and simple calibration of the plate, ensuring the very best quality prints are produced on all Presstek DI products and computer-to-plate installations. The compact unit size, yet easily readable screen, help to make the microDot a highly affordable “support assistant” that will pay for itself very, very quickly.

“The compact format means that the unit is very easy for our support team to carry around with them, whilst the easy to use and easy to read results ensure fast, accurate and consistent results.”

The microDot product is available via Centurfax Customised Dotmeters (CCD), a business that has been created by equipment manufacturer Centurfax and supplier Ripware. The partners have jointly set up the new company to sell dotmeters worldwide. The company aims to build on the successful relationship between the two companies that has served the UK market so well for over 13 years.

Designed to make best use of the partner companies combined international contacts and experience, the new CCD business aims to increase overall sales of existing products, as well as focus on the potential for new devices.
For further information on the Centurfax microDot contact Ripware on 01483 578 618, via e-mail at pwf@ripware.co.uk or visit the www.ripware.co.uk web site.