ccDotmeter – a UK based technology company – is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to its popular microDot range of dotmeter software solutions. Harlequin RIP® users can now automatically send the RIP calibration data directly from microDot to the Harlequin internal calibration strip, completely by-passing operator intervention.

The key benefit of this new upgrade is that the operator does not have to re-key the highly detailed colour and tonal value readings from this sophisticated quality control instrument. The automatic delivery of the required information offers a significant time-saving and ensures 100% accuracy of information.

The microDot instrument is a product that is in use at print businesses throughout the world to provide quality control assurance to printers focused on creating the best of images. The device utilises robust, standard digital microscope hardware combined with unique, patented Centurfax software to create a product for reading the image on a litho printing plate and the printed output, providing the mechanics for calibrating both pre-press and printing equipment. Dotmeters, such as microDot, are essential tools for any printer seeking to conform to industry quality standards, including ISO12647-2.

Paul Foster, Sales Director at ccDotmeter, said: “This feature has been requested by many Harlequin RIP users. Following feedback from private demonstrations at the recent Drupa 2012 show it was decided to incorporate this development into the latest deliverable and fully tested product software.

“Drupa was a very successful show for microDot products, and this additional feature will be popular with our dealer network.”

Foster continued: “As a post-Drupa gift and as thank you to all those dealers who worked hard to make the show a success, we are offering this feature as a free upgrade to existing microdot users. In addition, we are offering this free feature to those who continue to purchase units under our Drupa Special Offer.

In addition to the Harlequin direct RIP interface ccDotmeter also offer a direct solution for the TUK RIP, providing a similar “no operator required” input mode. This product is sold as a combination package with the iDot dotmeter, which was specially developed for TUK Systems.

About microDot

microDot is a combination of software developed by Centurfax – the originators of the dotmeter with the CCDot product – and a powerful, standard, digital microscope. Two versions of the product are available: The for £495.00 and the higher resolution at £595.00.

The microDot device connects to a PC via a USB connection for instant analysis of the percentage dot and image. The easy to install PC software can calculate screen ruling, percentage dot values and screen angles. The device and software are suitable for measuring dots on film, plate or printed paper.

The measuring unit is highly portable and lightweight. Users simply link to their PC when they want to download the images that they have gathered. Image dots of less than 10 micron are perfectly readable by microDot meaning that the unit is ideal for all types of screening, including FM, hybrid and AM. The device can be set up to read multiple colour plates.

Once an image has been downloaded to a PC it can be measured for percentage dot size, screen ruling and screen angle. Images can, of course, be stored on the PC for future reference, or for e-mailing to suppliers.